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With more than 10 years of experience delivering luxury vacations in our exclusive vacation homes, with our premium hotel partners, and on unique travel experiences, you can trust Inspirato to deliver first-class service and the certainty you expect.

  • Pay nightly rates when you choose your dates and accommodations

  • Access to the full Inspirato Collection of homes, hotels, and experiences and weekly booking promotions

  • Enjoy private member events and exclusive partner benefits

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Inspirato Club

Monthly subscription fee: 


Enrollment fee: $600

Inspirato Pass

  • Travel as frequently as you like with one monthly subscription inclusive of nightly rates, taxes, and fees

  • Choose from thousands of trips to Inspirato homes, luxury hotel and, unique travel experiences

  • Includes an Inspirato Club subscription, giving you additional booking privileges and great exclusive benefits

  • Cancel at any time

Monthly subscription fee:

Enrollment fee: $2,500


Inspirato Club

Monthly subscription fee: $600/month
Enrollment fee: $600
Amount due at signing: $1,200

Inspirato Pass

Monthly subscription: $2,500/month
Enrollment fee: $2,500
Amount due at signing: $5,000


Frequently Asked Questions

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For additional terms, conditions, and restrictions, please visit www.inspirato.com/legal. Inspirato is owned by Inspirato LLC and operated by its subsidiary Best of 52, LLC, 1544 Wazee Street, Denver, CO 80202, info@inspirato.com, 303-586-7771. Operator is registered as Florida Seller of Travel Registration No. ST38403; Washington Seller of Travel Registration No. UBI 603086598; California Seller of Travel Registration No. CST 2107465. ©2022 Inspirato LLC.

What is Inspirato? 
Inspirato is the first luxury hospitality company to offer subscription travel to affluent consumers. We deliver amazing vacations to our exclusive vacation homes and premier hotel partners around the world, and offer unique travel experiences with unmatched, first-class service.

What is the difference between Inspirato Pass and the Inspirato Club?
The main difference is whether or not you pay nightly rates for luxury accommodations and experiences. Club members choose their vacation dates and pay nightly rates when they travel. Pass subscribers choose from a list of trips with pre-selected dates and pay one monthly subscription inclusive of nightly rates, taxes, and fees.

What does the Inspirato Club subscription fee cover?
The monthly subscription fee of $600 provides members access to our exclusive collection of homes, hotel partners, and unique experiences. Plus, you get access to great value through our weekly special offers (Jaunt). It’s similar to paying dues to a golf or athletic club. 

What does the Inspirato Pass subscription fee cover?
The monthly subscription fee of $2,500 includes all nightly rates, taxes, and fees for trips chosen from the Pass Trip List. It consists of $2,200 for Inspirato Pass and preferred pricing of $300 for an Inspirato Club membership which covers a dedicated care team, additional booking privileges and member benefits.

What if I can’t travel this month?
If your Pass is available, you can make a reservation with a future check-in date or choose a local experience or lifestyle merchandise from our Beyond Travel list.

Can I pause my subscription?
No. However, you can cancel at any time. We look forward to welcoming you back when you are ready; however, please note that you will be required to pay the enrollment fee again.

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Can I change my subscription from Pass to the Club only?
Sure! Please discuss this with your Care team and they will adjust your monthly subscription fee. Your initial enrollment fee will be applied.

How can I upgrade from a Club membership to a Pass membership?
Please contact your Care team to upgrade your membership. All Pass subscriptions require a Club membership, so you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!

What is your cancellation policy for trips?
The new Inspirato Pass Cancellation Policy is divided into two sections, based on whether the reservation being canceled was booked entirely with Pass Days, or used at least one Canceled Day from a prior cancellation. See the full cancellation policy here. For Club reservations, there is a 60-day cancellation policy to receive 100% returned in travel credits. Click here to see the full trip cancellation policy. 

Can I have multiple reservations at the same time with Inspirato Pass?

Yes. Inspirato Pass gives you the flexibility to hold multiple reservations at the same time. Simply place your Pass in use for the number of Pass Days required to reserve your desired trip. Once the Pass Days are complete, you can reserve your next trip, independent of your travel dates. 

How many people can share my subscription?
All Inspirato subscriptions are for a single household only. You can choose to add Family Sharing for $300 per month to grant access to your adult children or parents. If you are interested in additional sharing opportunities, please contact our Sales team.

Can I have multiple reservations at the same time in the Club?
If you are traveling with the Inspirato Club, yes. All reservations are paid for in full at the time of booking and there are no limits to your booking privileges.

What is a Pass Day? 
Pass days are a way to compare Pass trips. Trips can be searched by and reserved for a specific number of Pass Days. A Pass Day is one day, or 24 hours, of Inspirato Pass. It is used to reserve trips off the Pass Trip List - independent of the dates of the trip. Learn more about booking with Pass Days here.